Improving the worker experience

At Temps we never rest on our laurels. In fact we continually look to improve the way we look after our candidates and workers.


For example, our recruitment portal makes registering simple, stress-free and convenient.


Our online platform for testing candidates, providing inductions and staff training is equally easy to use. Plus it can help clients achieve improved productivity and Health & Safety… and boost staff retention.


Finally, we’ve made it easy for candidates to get in touch with us – even providing a simple, secure way to complain and whistle-blow.

Registering is quick and easy

Applicants can register with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Our online process collects all the information we need to decide which candidates we’re most likely to offer work to. Reference requests are sent off automatically and identified candidates are invited for interview.


We start with online registration because it gives us a much larger talent pool to choose from. Rest assured though, we’re incredibly fussy about who we place. In fact, only 1 in 20 of applicants go on to work with us.


Of course, no one is offered work until they’ve completed the whole recruitment process and all checks are complete.

We keep in touch

Having worked hard to find the very best candidates, the last thing we want to do is lose them. That’s why we make it a priority to stay in touch and keep them engaged.


Our local consultants are informed when someone in their area applies for work and make it a priority to keep candidates up-to-speed with their application.


Once registered, candidates can also communicate directly with their local Temps consultant and use our advanced ‘ticketing system’ to progress their application.


Where clients require large numbers of staff, our National Recruitment Hub steps in. Open till 11pm daily (you’d be surprised how easy it is to speak to applicants and workers outside office hours), the hub processes applications, arranges interviews and plans inductions.


The recruitment industry may be notorious for not engaging with candidates. But that criticism can’t be levelled at us.

We highlight the best

Because we recruit online we process more applicants, more quickly and more easily than the majority of our competitors. That means we’re more likely to find the best.


We insist all applicants provide a minimum of five years of work history, detailing the skills and experience they’ve gained in each job – and explaining what they were doing when not in work. If they don’t comply, they don’t appear in our searches. It’s that simple.


On top of this, we automatically chase all applicants weekly for their availability. Those who confirm their availability automatically go to the top of the shortlists of people with the skills our clients are looking for.


Where a suitable applicant is new to us and hasn’t yet been interviewed, we’ll fast track their application, confirm their Right To Work and their qualifications.

We induct and train

Imagine the benefit of streamlined inductions, and of workers being trained in a consistent way until they’ve mastered a task or process… or until they properly understand your site rules or Health & Safety policy. Well, that’s just another advantage of choosing Temps.

We’re more than happy to create bespoke inductions and training videos free-of-charge for all our medium-to-large customers.


With secure online video inductions and high quality training, all backed up by testing, we also get a measure of someone’s understanding of what they’ve learned – and if further training is needed.


Our continually developing technologies give workers access to high quality training and help show they’re valued.

We manage performance

In today’s cost-conscious times, KPIs are vital. But KPIs only work when there is regular communication about performance, supported by easily deliverable training and a willingness to learn.


Share your performance issues with us and we can respond with specially tailored online training programs. From punctuality and productivity to quality control, manual handling and Health & Safety, we provide a platform where improved worker performance can easily be achieved, with training delivered in a click.


We make it easy to train, and easy and convenient for you to provide feedback. We then update workers, allocate further training if necessary, have conversations where required and update you on progress.


Because downtime is money, conversations with staff take place after work and training videos are short, engaging and easy to administer.


For truly effective change, we always aim to recognise the ‘good stuff’, sandwiching room for improvement between positive news.

The 24/ platform

To be truly effective, training has to be in short bursts. It has to be relatable. It has to be consistent. And it has to be delivered regularly – at a time that suits both worker and company.


That’s precisely why we developed 24/ – a stand-alone platform for the whole business and not just the staff we provide.


For a nominal charge, 24/ provides an e-Learning, staff management, training, testing and information platform to match your needs. Training can include videos, presentations, manuals, process guides and more. Plus it can be delivered to workers in a click; ready to be absorbed by them at a time that suits them and you.


With 24/ you can also create, deploy and complete work-related forms to help your business run more smoothly. Scheduling staff and communicating working hours is done at the click of a button. While a KPI team overview page provides a summary of worker performance for your supervisors, team leaders and managers.


Thanks to 24/, it’s never been easier to track performance and instigate change.

Feedback helps us improve

Good or bad, feedback is vital. That’s why we have a unique ‘real-time’ ticketing system that makes it easy for our candidates to communicate with their Temps consultant.


The system enables us to deal with all manner of questions and queries – such as pay, holidays, hours or even shifts rosters – quickly and conveniently. All without impacting on the working day.


We also have a complaints system, which enables a candidate to raise a complaint and escalate it to a higher level (and then higher still) if they feel it hasn’t been handled satisfactorily.


The system ensures complaints are handled correctly and only resolved when all parties are happy with the outcome.

Automated payroll

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t handle data multiple times, as this can cause problems and create more work.


Instead, we do everything online. We handle data once, automating as much of the payroll process as possible to ensure errors with payroll and invoicing don’t occur.


In fact, the moment a worker is placed, a number of processes are automatically triggered. This ensures we’re compliant and that the worker will get paid properly and on time.


Our system checks:


  • That we have the correct licences, certificates and RTW documentation for the worker. (If anything is missing, the consultant is notified in good time to rectify things before the worker is placed.)


  • That the worker’s bank details are correct. (The worker is emailed every 12 hours to input these details if they are missing.)


  • The worker’s employment record – to ensure we are complying with Agency Worker Regulations. (Our system flags up when someone has worked for a client before and where placing them again would break AWR rules.)


  • If the worker needs to be set up or re-set up on payroll. (A new payroll number is issued when required, and details are imported straight into our payroll system.)


Creating a timesheet

Finally, each worker’s details are passed to our compliance department to visually check that all documentation is correct. With all checks complete, either a new electronic timesheet is created or the worker is added to an existing timesheet – ready for hours to be inputted by the client on a daily or weekly basis.


By clicking on a worker’s details on a timesheet, clients can:

  • View RTW, work history, licences and certificates
  • See a picture of the worker
  • Communicate with us about the worker
  • View our communications with the worker about performance and KPIs

Secure whistleblowing

From abuse to unsafe practices, every worker has the right to whistle blow. That’s why we’ve developed an online whistleblowing feature that provides a safe, confidential environment for our temporary workers to highlight any concerns about a client organisation or ourselves.


Workers can raise concerns directly and anonymously with our HR Manager. Where an issue involves a client organisation, a member of our senior management team will liaise directly with an appropriate person in that organisation – all to ensure the issue has been highlighted and that the whistle-blower remains anonymous.