What sets us apart?

Perhaps it’s the way we recruit, test, interview and skills-match our candidates. Then again, it could be our use of advanced technology – probably the most advanced in the business – to cut admin and improve communication.


Maybe it’s how we engage with candidates to make sure they hit the ground running. Or perhaps it’s the way we work with clients to deliver measurable training and meaningful feedback.


The truth is, it’s all of these things and more that set us apart. From finding the best possible candidates, to helping boost worker performance, we’ll add real value to your business.

A more responsive service

Recruitment is all about connecting the right applicants with the right clients… at the right time. It’s a skill we’ve perfected. In fact, using Temps is like giving your recruitment drive a flashing blue light.


  • Our intuitive recruitment portal automatically shortlists suitably skilled applicants against vacancies as they apply for work.


  • More than 150,000 skills programmed into our system means we can instantly search for and highlight people with abilities you require.


  • Our easy 24/7 online application process attracts more applicants – to give us the greatest possible choice.


  • Our recruitment consultants are available from 6am to 11pm daily, to help applicants complete their registration process.


  • By working late we’re able to match more applicants with jobs, as it’s easier to speak to applicants outside the working day.


  • By emailing all applicants at least weekly, we’re always up-to-date with their availability.


  • Every applicant (no matter when they registered with us) is automatically highlighted as a potential job candidate whenever their skills match a client’s requirements.


  • We’ll know instantly if we have someone with the skills you’re looking for – and we’ll create a worker profile for you in a click.


Rest assured, if we don’t have someone immediately available with the skills you need, we’ll advertise. We’ll then be automatically alerted when anyone applies with the skills you’re looking for. Even if they apply in the evening, you’ll receive a profile next morning!

Keeping you compliant

Right To Work


Right To Work can be a minefield, particularly if you employ lots of people. That’s why we leave nothing to chance.


We take Right To Work extremely seriously and operate an open-door policy that gives our clients online access to view all RTW documentation for the workers we provide.


When an applicant registers for work, our system establishes exactly what documentation is required to ensure we remain compliant. It creates placeholders for us to upload photos against. It also flags up a warning if a consultant tries to place a worker without RTW documentation.


Over and above this, our system emails the consultant and our Compliance Manager if someone has been placed without RTW documentation being first uploaded.


As a failsafe, our Compliance Manager checks all new starters centrally to ensure we have the correct documentation for them, then chases the consultant if any documentation is missing. If we ever doubt someone’s eligibility to work, the Compliance Manager will order their immediate removal.


Because we’re online, we can make all RTW documentation, licences, certificates, qualifications and passport to sites securely auditable and viewable by you. Using your phone, tablet or PC, you’ll just need to log in. If you use external auditors for additional peace of mind, we’ll provide them with a temporary auditor’s login.

Agency Worker Regulations

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) are often a nightmare for the regular agency user.


Essentially, a temporary worker is entitled to the same employment rights as a permanent worker from day one, and the same pay as a permanent employee after they have been employed for 12 weeks.


  • This isn’t an issue for our system, as we keep you compliant by detailing working conditions, shared benefits and rights after 12 weeks of employment.
  • Where it gets complicated is deciding what constitutes a 12-week period. That’s why we have an AWR counter. Running in the background, it checks each candidate’s work record and takes any previous employment into consideration.

The Equality Act 2010

Our built-in safeguards ensure we’re always compliant. Whenever we’re asked to provide a worker, our system automatically searches for applicants based solely on the skills and experience required for the job.


  • All searches are skill-based, with results returned in a format where immediately available workers are placed at the top of the search.


  • All profiles are created in a uniform fashion to help make your life easier, and do not include any information that could discriminate against the candidate.


  • Manual searches can also be completed using previous companies worked for, but nothing else.

Improving productivity, H&S and staff retention

With the uncertainties of Brexit looming, every UK business has to get better at recruiting, training, managing and retaining its staff. Not to mention improving productivity.


Far from seeing this as your problem, we can help you instigate change. We’ve developed a platform that delivers secure online video inductions, on-the-job training and real-time KPI feedback. All backed by testing and further training when needed.


We can help ensure existing workers stay on task and new recruits are inducted and trained correctly during those all-important first few weeks.


Plus, where training is required, we’re more than happy to create bespoke introductions and training videos free-of-charge for our medium to large customers.


Training videos are securely managed and delivered to workers at the click of a button, all without impacting on the day-to-day running of your business.


Our carefully structured inductions, role-specific training and KPI feedback help train, praise good practice and pull up bad performance. Being able to record and access this information is crucial to on-going development and being able to highlight the right people to retain.

Simple payroll and invoicing

For your complete peace of mind, our timesheet and payroll generation processes are fully automated.


Once someone is placed, our system automatically checks for bank details. If these are missing, it chases the worker for them every 12 hours.


It also checks to see if we need to set the worker up on payroll – something we do for all new workers and those who haven’t worked for us for six weeks.


Compliance and document verification are automatically checked. Plus, as a failsafe, our Compliance Manager checks each new starter on their first day. It’s all done in a few clicks!


Once a timesheet has been generated, clients need only log in and click on the worker’s name to see their RTW documentation.


Hours can be entered daily or weekly. And our ‘double timesheet verification check’ means timesheets can either be completed and authorised by one person, or require authorisation by someone else in the client organisation.


Hours logged are imported into our payroll and invoicing system and, where necessary, consolidated invoicing can be provided. All historic timesheets remain accessible to clients for verification purposes. Clients can also have as many log ins (and varying permissions) as they like.

We’re open from 6am to 11pm daily

Our doors (and our phone lines) are open early till late to make it easier for us to connect with candidates. We know from experience that the best people are likely to be at work during normal office hours. So longer opening hours give us a real edge.


Our hugely successful National Recruitment Hub helps us fill vacancies across the country. It’s particularly effective when clients need to ramp up numbers quickly and provides valuable support to our on-site consultants.


At a local level, our network of consultants finds work for local people.

Supported by advanced technology, and easy access to applicants outside normal office hours, our local consultants also use a clever shortlisting feature to highlight suitable applicants to clients. If a client can’t wait until the morning to book the applicant, it’s all taken care of centrally.

Discover the game-changer

We know that changing your recruitment partner can seem daunting. But if you don’t try us, you’ll never know how we can revolutionise the way you recruit.


So why not let us demonstrate the Temps approach? See how we recruit, interview, vet and test. Discover how our local consultants and National Recruitment Hub will find the candidates you need and continue to support them – and you – long after they’re placed. And let us show our commitment to compliance, managing and recording attendance, training and staff motivation.


Choose Temps and from day one, we’ll work to quickly understand the challenges faced by your business. We’ll also provide a dedicated team that includes a project lead, operations, NHR and training. A team that will support you and take care of every aspect of recruitment, every step of the way.


Using Temps really is a game-changer in the way businesses recruit.