the recruitment process

Whether you need one, 10 or 1,000 people, our approach uses a unique online portal that recruits candidates 24/7 and allows us to process, skills-check and vet thousands of applicants every week.


Temps-trained local consultants, backed up by an automated emailing system from our National Recruitment Hub, then chase and process any missing information before interviewing each applicant locally. And, as an indication of just how thorough our processes are, only one in 20 Temps applicants are placed.


Speed and candidate experience are everything when you’re looking to stay ahead of the game. We find the right people with the right skills. Right when you need them.

Online registration 24/7

We don’t simply advertise on all the major job boards, on social media and in the press. We make it easy for anyone to register with us. When it suits them.


Operating 24/7, our online registration, referencing and shortlisting process is automated and instantaneous. For example, a candidate could register with us at 10pm. A reference request could be waiting on their chosen referee’s desktop by 11pm. And they could have been shortlisted by us, as a potential applicant for your company, by 9am the next morning. Talk about lightning quick.


Of course, we still need to interview the worker, take copies of their RTW and photograph them. But can you think of another recruiter who can sign up and highlight a candidate within 12 hours?

Intuitive and intelligent

No matter how many candidates apply to us each week, we have the people, processes and technology in place to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Our online system is intuitive. It looks at each new application and searches for any missing information. Then, where necessary, it emails the applicant with details of what is required. It could be they’re missing work experience, haven’t listed the skills for a particular job, or have simply forgotten to give a referee.


Where an applicant is struggling to provide a particular piece of information, this can be covered during the face-to-face meeting with our consultant.

We automatically search skills and experience

Applicants can select from over 150,000 specific workplace skills when registering online with us. While that sounds a lot (in fact, we believe it’s an industry first), the process we use is quick, simple and intuitive. And it gives us the best possible insight into an individual’s abilities.

We electronically ‘skill set’ applicants for each previous job they tell us about, to automatically calculate the amount of time they have accumulated in each skill.


Now that’s not only perfect if you want someone with a specific amount of experience in a specific industry. It also means that instead of searching using broad categories, we can search for specific skills and expertise at the touch of a button.


Our system is so advanced, it will automatically shortlist an applicant based on their experience and skills the moment they complete the registration process.

A call centre open from 6am to 11pm

We’ve built our entire business on providing a more convenient way for applicants to apply for work. That’s why our central call centre opens earlier and stays open later. In fact, we’re still working hard for our clients when others are at home with their feet up!


Our extended hours allow job applicants and employees to get in touch with us when it best suits them. Plus it allows us to catch up with candidates in the evening, when they’re away from work.


Our central team works closely with our consultants at a local level, helping to process candidates, book interviews, arrange inductions and, where necessary, booking them for work.


Combined with our online application process, our longer contact hours mean we’re better placed to process more applicants than many of our competitors. 

Automated referencing

Referencing can be contentious and time consuming for many HR departments. That’s why our automated process puts a request under the nose of the right person as quickly as possible. Reference requests are automatically emailed the moment someone indicates we can contact a referee. Referees simply respond by clicking on a link and giving us as much information as they’re happy to provide.


Our referencing covers all manner of things, including:

  • Confirmation of dates employed
  • Confirmation of job role, responsibilities and description
  • Confirmation of skills used
  • Confirmation of reason for leaving
  • Opinion of candidate’s skills, productivity, attendance, H&S and attitude
  • Opinion of whether they would re-employ

Rigorous testing and checks

At Temps we never leave things to chance. Our candidate checks are nothing short of rigorous. In fact, it’s only after we’ve confirmed that an applicant has at least five years of work history, checked their skills, and requested a reference, that we’ll invite them for an interview. And that’s only if we’re 99% certain we’ll be happy to place them.


All applicants complete online assessments, including: Numeracy, Literacy and Verbal Reasoning. We can also develop assessments to meet specific needs. For example, for some clients we assess Manual Handling, COSHH or Health & Safety. While for others, we’ve developed mechanical aptitude tests.


By working in partnership with you, we’ll create tests to identify applicants with the precise skills you’re looking for.

Auditable candidate data

Once testing is complete, we photograph the candidate and take copies of all RTW documentation, relevant licences and certificates. This information is immediately uploaded to the candidate’s file and can be viewed by all authorised clients or their representatives.


Where clients require third party auditing of the workers we supply, we create an auditor login on our system. Auditing can then take place remotely, saving clients time and money.


We’re totally transparent and make it easy for you to assess the people we place.